Rosa - teal fascinator with a hint of gold

Rosa - teal fascinator with a hint of gold


This fascinator hat in teal, has a feature rose to the front, framed by lots of loops and leaves to give something fabulous to look at from every angle. It also has some beaded gold leaves, to catch the light and add some sparkle!

On a small, round base of 11cm in diameter, this headpiece comes with a choice of:

  • headband

  • comb or

  • crocodile clips.

The headbands come is a choice of silver, black or gold so you can choose whichever is best to camouflage into your hair. They are all pliable, so they will fit comfortably and securely and NOT give you a headband headache!

Please note that this fascinator will be made to order, so you will not receive the exact item in the photographs. As it is handmade, there may be some slight variations. Please allow time for this to be made and shipped to you - if you are on a tight deadline please contact me before your purchase, thank you!

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is included, and the hat is sent in a stylish, sturdy hat box for transport and storage.

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