Jessica Rabbit - Fun and quirky fascinator hat, a basket of carrots!

Jessica Rabbit - Fun and quirky fascinator hat, a basket of carrots!


Do you love to be different? Do you want to go to a party and know you won’t be wearing the same as anyone else? Do you love carrots?! Then this is the hat for you!

There are three juicy orange carrots with their curly green tops, on display in this chestnut brown basket. Being everlasting carrots though, they are light and easy to wear, even at this flattering and jaunty angle on the right hand side.

The beauty of this style of percher hat is that you can have the style and presence that hat wearing gives you, and still see your gorgeously coiffured hair below!

There are two options for wearing this design:

1) Elastic

The elastic goes around the back of your head to hide in your hair, thereby giving the headpiece a ‘floating’ look. The elastics are also available in a range of colours so at checkout simply choose the closest colour to your hair. In addition you also have a hidden comb to stop the hat from slipping. (I personally find this the best way to wear my hats, and I have quite fine hair in a bob style.)

2) Headband

The headbands are made from a cotton covered wire, so they are strong and sturdy but flexible so they fit comfortably all day long. They are also dyed to blend in with your hair colour.

I offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in a stylish, sturdy hat box for transport and storage.

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