Edina - Ivory and racing green hat

Edina - Ivory and racing green hat


This is an ivory hat with an upturned brim, decorated with ivory and forest green leaves and loops.

This hat is designed to sit perched at a jaunty angle on top of your head, so it can fit any head size but will still need to be worn with elastic.

The beauty of this style of hat is that you can have the style and presence that hat wearing gives you, and still see your gorgeously coiffured hair below! They are worn at a jaunty angle at the front of the head, with elastic fitting around the back to hide in your hair, thereby giving the headpiece a ‘floating’ look. The elastics are also available in a range of colours so at checkout simply choose the closest colour to your hair.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is included, and the hat is sent in a stylish, sturdy hat box for transport and storage.

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