Beverley - Large brim showpiece floral hat

Beverley - Large brim showpiece floral hat


This is a red, white and pink floral showstopper headpiece! This headpiece has upcycled floral cotton, and edged with red ribbon, to create a dramatic, wide brim hat with a difference! This has been designed to be worn on the right-hand side.

The beauty of this style of hat is that you can have the style and presence that hat wearing gives you, and still see your gorgeously coiffured hair below! They are worn at a jaunty angle at the front of the head, with elastic fitting around the back to hide in your hair, thereby giving the headpiece a ‘floating’ look. The elastics are also available in a range of colours so at checkout simply choose the closest colour to your hair. This hat will also have a hidden comb for extra stability, and you will receive advice on caring for and wearing your hat with your purchase.

If you would like to test the colour with your outfit, I will happily send you a swatch of material at no cost to you.

All of my fascinator designs are available to order in different colours too - just get in touch and let me know what you need.

Click here to fill in the contact form to send me a message, or telephone 07982 807938.

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