Every single Warrillow creation is individually hand-crafted and vegan. Here's a look at the detail that goes into all of our products...

As well as being 100% vegan, we’re committed to offering the most flexible and convenient service. As such our process never follows the same path and is continually improving. This gives us the flexibility to create a custom design for you from scratch, select the right hat for you from our studio in Birmingham, and we are always available for any advice you may need. We personally support you every step of the way to ensure your hat is the perfect fit for you and you feel fabulous wearing it.

We firmly believe there is a hat for everyone and we aren't happy unless you're delighted. 


100% handcrafted

We love making hats with our hands. It makes each hat unique and better quality. Our award-winning hats, fascinators and headpieces are always hand sewn and given the love and attention they deserve.

While we use traditional millinery methods to create Warrillow headpieces, we're constantly experimenting with new techniques from outside the industry to find more effective ways of making our hats beautiful, durable and comfortable.  

100% vegan

We’re a dedicated ethical millinery studio, and we believe people should ‘Live ethically, look great’. We use vegan materials and practices to handcraft all Warrillow hats because we believe an ethical life is a happy one.

We are always on the look out for new, exciting and sustainable materials and we go to lengths to ensure all of our packaging is recyclable and reusable.

We’re proud to be a 100% vegan line.



Inspired by nature

We keep an eye on the latest trends in fashion but our creations are visual manifestations of the things we see, feel and hear in the natural world. By stepping outside the boundaries of typical millinery, and continually experimenting with the newest vegan materials on the planet we push millinery and the couture fashion industry in the right direction.