Quirky and Alternative Fascinators & Hats!

While I absolutely love to create hats and fascinators for mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, wedding guests and party-goers, I do also enjoy indulging my quirky side every now and again. Here is a collection of my favourite quirky makes from the last couple of years…

Sometimes I get a request from a customer, who wants something different, and unusual - and that is often a really fun challenge for me to work out how to make something I have never considered before! And other times, I simply get an image pop into my head, inspired by a particular colour of sinamay material, a certain shape I have seen or even purely by accident in the process of making something else!! Other times, I even have an image pop into my head and it will stubbornly stay there until I make whatever that may be…

A basket of carrots theatrical millinery

My basket of carrots hat is a design that always attracts a lot of attention! This is a design that was inspired by a gorgeous orange colour that I had. Bright orange doesn’t get a lot of requests for fascinators and hats, but I do love anything bright and vibrant. The sinamay material kept attracting my attention every time I was in my studio, so just for fun, I set about making some carrots… “Why?” Some people ask. “Why not?!” is usually my reply! One thing that I truly believe that millinery and hat making should be is a joyful experience, and just sometimes, that includes carrots!


Last year I had the wonderful experience of being filmed for Crafty Beggars TV, where I met the lovely presenters Wendy Turner-Webster and Julie Peasgood. I had taken a selection of hats and fascinators with me, and Julie was instantly drawn to my desert island percher hat. Julie wore it during filming, and then told me that she just ‘had to have it’! As well as presenting, Julie is also a journalist, and travels a lot on cruises which she writes about. What could be better than a desert island for just such an occupation?! (Julie - I am working on the cruise ship idea too, lol!)

cocktail hat headpiece fascinator quirky occasion hat  (2).JPG

With wedding season in full swing, the summers are definitely my busiest time of year… but it’s always good to get into the festive spirit come Christmas time. Who wouldn’t want to wear a Christmas tree to a seasonal ball??

Christmas tree fascinator.jpg

Getting out into the natural world is always a wonderful escape. Often I am inspired by the plants and flowers I see, and simply being in a space close to wildlife, with lots of sky, means I can get back to my studio refreshed and in the right headspace to be creative. In this instance, it was the insect life that became my inspiration…

Quirky millinery, ladybird hat for Ascot, fascinators online.JPG

Do you have an idea for a fun and unusual hat that you just can’t find anywhere else? Get in touch here let’s chat about making your idea a reality! Commissions are always welcome.

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