Happy Birthday ... To Us!

As with any anniversary it’s a time for celebration, reflection and of course, cake and presents!


My lovely husband Dave, my diary keeper, left a card on my studio work table to congratulate me on the one-year anniversary of the Warrillow website going live. Left to my own devices I think it would have gone by unnoticed, but that’s just one of the reasons I have Dave on my team!

I had a go at baking my very first vegan cake for the occasion. After all, you have to have a cake for a birthday party, don’t you?! I’ve never really been a baker, and as you can see I am much better at millinery and will definitely stick with what I know! But it was fun, if not quite cooked in the middle!!!

A lot has happened in 12 months and there have been some great experiences with Warrillow already. Filming with Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner Webster for Crafty Beggars (coming to your screens soon!) was a fabulous experience, as was a photo shoot held recently for Vegan Life magazine (coming to your shelves soon!) with the fabulous photographer Maria Slough – but more about that another time.


This year I have been holding workshops, both out and about in Leeds and Birmingham plus one- or two-person workshops in my home studio. It has been wonderful meeting so many of you to share my love of sinamay and all you can do with this fabulous material. I always hope to inspire participants on the workshop with all the possibilities of designs, and the creative energy in the room is just as inspiring for me too. I will be happy to carry on with those for as long as there are people wanting to create their very own, gorgeous fascinators.

make your own fascinator, fascinator making workshop.JPG

Any birthday deserves a present or two… but as Warrillow is a business I wasn’t sure who would buy what for whom?! So, I have decided to commemorate our first birthday by adopting Gilbert the Goose. Gilbert is just one of many animals living at the Farm Animal Rescue Centre near Evesham. As a vegan, and vegan milliner, Gilbert is a perfect example of feathers definitely being best admired on the birds themselves, rather than on hats! I hope to be going to visit him at the sanctuary later this summer so you will be hearing much more about both him and the sanctuary in future blogs and on social media. In the meantime you can find their website here: http://www.thefarmanimalsanctuary.co.uk/index.php and find out about the amazing work they do, as well as the animals they help.


For the next 12 months, who knows what will happen?! I’m really excited about creative plans and projects in the pipeline, and there will definitely be more workshops, more quirky designs, new materials, and new shapes. I would love for you to come along for the ride!