Learn to make your own fascinator AND improve your state of mind!

I realise it’s a bold statement, and I can’t promise you the world, but I am a big advocate for the benefits of having creativity in your life.

The benefits of having a practical, artistic lifestyle for me have been profound.  It is certainly when I am at my happiest; in my studio making headpieces. I tried a lot of different crafts before settling into millinery. Having had some wonderful days at workshops and created  beautiful things under the guidance of my tutors, it was always such a natural high after a day spent with like-minded people, all sharing our sense of achievement!

fascinator making workshop

The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are exactly the same, day in and day out (Cleveland Clinic).

That’s a lot of thinking!! By being creative we can let our thoughts quieten for a while as we concentrate on what our fingers are doing. It’s almost a meditative state where you can become so engrossed in what you are doing, that for a little while at least, nothing else really matters. In our creative bubble we can forget all of our troubles and worries.

Being creative has been proven to have so many benefits. It can… 

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • decrease symptoms of depression
  • increase self-esteem and a sense of achievement
  • improve concentration and focus
  • increase happiness
  • reduce distress and negative emotions
  • increase positive emotions
  • boost the immune system

Recently there has been a huge rise in the popularity of colouring books for adults. and I am sure this is why, because people feel such a rise in wellbeing from taking some time out to be creative. There are so many avenues to choose from too; reading, writing, knitting, sewing, dancing, singing, crafting….….. making fascinators?!

This year, I am planning a range of workshops (be sure to join our mailing list to keep up to date with new workshops) and also some kits for those of you who live further away from Birmingham. I can’t wait to share my skills with you, so you can benefit from being creative as well as having a gorgeous fascinator for wearing at your special occasion!

On Saturday 10th March, I will be holding my first workshop of the year in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. It will be a relaxed and fun day, where you can unleash your creative side and learn to make your very own fascinator.

In the morning I will show you a variety of techniques, making flowers – roses, lilies and buttercups, also ‘feathers,’  bows and loops. You will have a go at each one, so you have a sample to take home for reference. Then after lunch, there will be time to make your very own, one of a kind design!

You may just want to have a go at a new kind of craft; perhaps take ideas back to something you already do. Perhaps there is a wedding coming up and you would love to tell people, “I made this!” It could be the perfect Mother’s Day present for your mum, spending some time together being creative? Whatever your reason, I would love to see you there!

You can book a place or two for the workshop here: http://www.warrillowstudio.com/shop/marchworkshop

We will be in the Crafts Collective studio in a gorgeous mid-Victorian building in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. They host a selection of workshops in this lovely environment and you can find out more about them on their website here: http://www.thecraftscollective.co.uk/

It would be fantastic to see you on the 10th March, but whatever you do, get creative!!