Millinery photo shoot

This gallery has been put together from photos taken at a shoot in 2018, for Vegan Life Magazine. Some images were used in the article, but here is a gallery of all the styles taken that day.

It was a chilly, fresh spring day last year when I drove down to Walton on Thames to meet up with photographer, Maria Slough, and our team!

Jess Ciesco was our model, and Yasemin Ciesco - also Jess’s mum - was applying make-up (Arbonne).

Maria Slough is a photographer and journalist, and has a regular feature in each month of Vegan Life Magazine. I was honoured when she approached me to feature in my first double-page spread of a national publication!

We had a mixture of indoor and outdoor shoots, and had to battle the elements a little bit. Oh the glamour of photo shoots, trying not to lose the hats to the river in a strong, feisty gust of wind! It was a wonderful day, and I hope you enjoy the results of our endeavours!