Sinamay - My favourite hat-making material!

For those of you who have met me, you will know all about my passion for sinamay. This lightweight, straw-like material is just so versatile, lending itself to all sorts of techniques for different styles of hats and fascinators. Plant based, eco-friendly, a distinctive character and a multitude of uses; I am its number one fan!

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What is a fascinator, anyway?

When is a fascinator not a fascinator? What is the difference between a fascinator and a headpiece? And while we’re talking about it, what are hatinators, percher hats, cocktail hats, saucer hats, button hats… the list goes on!

Just the descriptions of different types of headwear can be confusing for anyone not used to all the terms, so let me try to make everything a little clearer for you!

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Learn to make your own fascinator AND improve your state of mind!

I realise it’s a bold statement, and I can’t promise you the world, but I am a big advocate for the benefits of having creativity in your life. One option to get creative could be to come to a workshop to create your own fascinator...

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