Bespoke Hats

In my shop here on the website, you will see lots of examples of the never-ending possibilities of my millinery designs. However, the chance of you finding a fascinator that is just perfect for you and your outfit already made, ready and waiting is still actually quite slim. Yet, that is exactly what I want you to have!

Luckily, there is a solution!! Every piece is handmade by myself, which means that I can be completely flexible and I am able to tailor things exactly to your requirements. So, if you haven't seen the perfect fascinator hat for you up to this point, don't worry! Just get in touch with me and we can have a chat about exactly what you would like.

You may have seen one of my ready-made designs that you really like, but you would like it in a different colour.

You might like the flower from one, but want to mix it with the style of veiling from another.

You may want a certain style or size or have an idea trying out that you haven't seen before!

I am always happy to offer advice and there will never be any heavy sales pitch. If I can help, I will be more than happy to do so, to achieve the best possible, high quality result.

You are very welcome to make an appointment and come to visit me in the studio, but if you are further afield we can still communicate via email, telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or a mixture of all of those!

Studio visits are by appointment only and are available evenings and weekends too.

Call 07982 807938 or drop me a message using the handy form below.

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