Feel comfortable, confident and downright fabulous!

The right hat for you is just about to be made.

About Warrillow Studio

Whether you are completely new to, and a little nervous about, the world of millinery, or a seasoned hat-wearer, here at Warrillow Studio you will find individually created, customisable headwear to top off your amazing outfit on your special day. Designed with you in mind every step of the way, my aim is to help you feel confident, comfortable and downright fabulous with just the right colour and style that you desire.

From the quirkily sophisticated, to the fun and flamboyant there is a hatinator to suit any occasion and to showcase your personality. There are ready-made pieces available in the shop and most of these creations can also be adapted to match an outfit in different colours, so please feel free to ask if you don’t quite see what you are looking for. 

Wearing a fascinator or hat for the first time can be daunting, but I am here to help and advise in any way I can. If you are local then you are very welcome to make an appointment to come and see me in the studio, but I can always advise via email, phone or Skype too. I don’t believe there are any rules to follow; confidence and comfort are key and my goal is for you to feel amazing on your special day so you can simply relax and let the compliments flow!


About Me

My name is Rachel Warrillow, of Warrillow Studio, and I have been a milliner for over 12 years now. I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do, and it is always an honour to be a part of your special day in this way, whether I am creating your own special design to wear, or teaching you so you can make it yourself!

It all started for me when I was a big fan of burlesque, and I really wanted a headpiece to finish off my outfit.  I had never really worn any kinds of hats or fascinators at that point, so I didn’t really feel that I knew what I was even looking for. Any fascinators I found on the high street though, were all very similar, a very restricted colour palette, and either on a comb – which I could never get to stay in my hair – or on a plastic headband – headache alert! I have always been creative (Blue Peter badge winner by the age of 5 no less, for a Christmas card designing competition!!) so I knew there must be a way to make your own. The rest, as they say, is history!

Now my aim is to make millinery a fun and approachable way to express yourself. There is something so special about accessorizing in this way and it is wonderful to see photos and receive feedback from customers who are so happy with what they are wearing. Hold your heads high ladies, we’ve got this!



Being Vegan

A big inspiration for my designs is the natural world around us; that is how I recharge and escape, visiting my home county of Yorkshire, as well as lots of other beautiful counties around the UK. My love of animals is also a big influence in my life and the main reason I am vegan.

I am very proud to say that my goods are PETA Approved Vegan. This is at the heart of what I do and as the business grows it will help more animals in more ways as I am also committed to supporting animal rescue and welfare charities as much as I can. You certainly don’t need to be vegan yourselves to wear my designs, but hopefully it’s a bonus for you to know your hat is cruelty free.



I am committed to do my utmost to operate ethically and sustainably and I will only ever work with animal-friendly materials.



I use sustainable and organic materials wherever possible to create Warrillow hats, headpieces and fascinators. I am always on the lookout for greener alternatives for packaging. Any packaging I receive in deliveries I keep to re-use for outbound parcels. The hat boxes I use are made from a sustainable source, and are cardboard to allow for recycling. I actively encourage our customers to always re-purpose their Warrillow hat boxes and hats.

I never use fur, feathers, leather, silk or any material or packaging that is non-vegan.



I am committed to always being open, honest and transparent with my customers and my supporters. I source my materials to ensure all products are animal-cruelty free.

For more information about Warrillow please visit the press page, or contact hello@warrillowstudio.com