We're a small but mighty millinery brand, changing 

the world one 

hat at a time.

Our story is simple.

We created Warrillow to help shape a world where ethical practices are the accepted standard in fashion, and to showcase our own unique line of handcrafted, vegan millinery.

Nowadays, we provide fashion conscious shoppers all over the world with our own handcrafted vegan hats, fascinators, and headpieces for events, weddings and everday social soirees.

A great hat has the power to make you feel great, and we believe every hat we create deserves a handcrafted and tailored approach to make sure it’s absolutely right for you.

Our award-winning designs take inspiration from the things we see, hear and feel in the natural world and we only ever use vegan materials. Every single Warrillow creation is vegan, made to measure, and unique to you.

We believe an ethical life is a happy one, and nothing makes us happier than making and using handcrafted vegan goods. It’s good for the world and good for the soul.

Our mission is to encourage the world to wear more vegan hats and share in our passion for ethical and handcrafted goods.
— Warrillow mission statement


We are committed to do our utmost to operate ethically and sustainably and only ever work with animal-friendly materials. 



We use sustainable, vegan and organic materials wherever possible to create Warrillow hats, headpieces and fascinators. All packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and we actively encourage our customers to always repurpose their Warrillow hat boxes and hats. 

We never use fur, feathers, leather or any material or any packaging that is non-vegan. You can still make beautiful hats without hurting animals. 



As a brand, we are committed to always being open, honest and transparent with our customers and our supporters. 

We source materials from all around the world to ensure all products are animal-cruelty free. Our prices fairly and openly reflect the costs associated with making truly vegan hats and we will always share where your money is being spent. We believe all fashion brands need to be radically transparent, and we're proud to be setting an example. 

For more information on using our brand, or our commitment to being an ethical brand, please visit the press page, or contact hello@warrillowstudio.com