l wanted to create a business with a heart.

Welcome to my world!

I love animals. I love handmade. I love millinery. Mix them all together and Warrillow is the result!

At Warrillow Studio you will find a wonderful array of individually handcrafted fascinators, headpieces and accessories. I am an award-winning designer-maker and I provide a PETA approved selection of headwear for all occasions.


I find the highest quality, ethically sourced, cruelty-free materials and create classy, quirky and downright fabulous designs. A great hat has the power to make you feel great, and I believe every hat I create deserves a handcrafted and tailored approach to make sure it’s absolutely right for you.



There are three levels of service to choose from:

1. Ready-made designs where you simply decide whether you’d like to wear it with elastic, comb or headband (known as the fixing) and your headwear is shipped straight out to you.

2. There is a selection of made-to-order designs where as well as choosing which fixing you would like you can choose from a range of colours and the fascinator is made just for you.

3. A completely bespoke, personal service is available for me to work with you to design a unique headpiece.

I am always happy to guide you through the sometimes daunting process of selecting headwear for a special occasion. I am a huge believer in the fact that the right hat can help you feel fabulous on your special day!

My mission is to encourage the world to wear more vegan hats and share in our passion for ethical and handcrafted goods.
— Warrillow mission statement


I am committed to do my utmost to operate ethically and sustainably and I will only ever work with animal-friendly materials. 



I use sustainable and organic materials wherever possible to create Warrillow hats, headpieces and fascinators. All packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and we actively encourage our customers to always repurpose their Warrillow hat boxes and hats.

I never use fur, feathers, leather or any material or packaging that is non-vegan. 



I am committed to always being open, honest and transparent with my customers and my supporters. I source my materials to ensure all products are animal-cruelty free. My prices fairly and openly reflect the costs associated with making handcrafted, vegan accessories.

For more information about Warrillow or to find out more about my commitment to being an ethical brand, please visit the press page, or contact hello@warrillowstudio.com